There are a number of versions of the SPRINT methodology. The last full technical revision was produced with the support of funding from central government, several years ago. Although some of the terminology may be anachronistic, it provides a good technical summary and may be found here. Note that some of the information is now redundant (e.g. booking training) and the site no longer provides access to the user group's private site. 

The most recent incarnation of the web-site may be found here. Note that this site is currently being re-developed, and the version here is several months out-of-date. Please watch this space for develeopments.

So far, over 1000 individuals have received basic training in SPRINT, representing 150 or so different organizations, primarily in the UK. Salford City Council until recently provided a two-day SPRINT training course. Arrangements for training are currently being revamped - please watch this space for developments.

There is also a SPRINT User Group, chaired by myself with Barry McKinnon (Salford) as secretary. To join the mailing list, click here

If you would like further information about SPRINT, please email me in the first instance, using the contact link to the left. 

Dave Wastell, Chair SPRINT User Group.