Case Studies

A list of case studies, showing design at its best, but some of the dark-side of design  too!

1) The paradox of the Integrated Children's System (ICS)Chapter 1 from my Technomagic book focuses on the problems of the ICS, a major IT system in UK social work.

2) SPRINT's finest hour at Salford: the Contact Centre

3) A design atrocity: the Vetting and Barring Scheme

4) Ensuring Entitlements to the Poor in Rural India: auditing payments with a mobile phone app.

5) Redesigning ambulance services in London and Manchester: A tale of two cities

6) The more for less challenge: improved communication with the Lancashire Schools Portal

7) Keeping children safe at the hospital/community interface: a systems approach to safeguarding

8) Developing an Integrated Approach to Performance Improvement: The Whole System of Work (Sean Sheridan)