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The modernisation agenda in British public service could not be higher profile. In the immediate aftermath of the 2001 general election, the Prime Minister went on record to state that public sector reform is the key mission of this government. This background is important in that it makes it plain that the methods used by local government in its modernisation agenda really must be useful, relevant and able to affect radical change.

SPRINT is a methodology that has been designed to reflect this ethos. Its adoption throughout UK local authorities continues to grow and it is associated with some outstanding innovation projects. Perhaps the most important thing about SPRINT is that it is designed to support organisational development. It helps individuals and teams to become better at carrying out change projects, and thus SPRINT helps to foster a more knowledgeable, innovative culture. Moreover, it is relevant to a range of local government problems and opportunities, from Best Value review to transformational change. With this conviction SPRINT has been designed to:

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User Guide
  Using this Website
  Approaching Sprint
    Characteristics of SPRINT
    When to use SPRINT
  Getting Started
    Project Design
    Outputs Planning
  Team Guidelines
    Teams and Representatives
    Steering Group
    BPR Team
    Service Users
    Human Resources
  Phase I
  Phase II
    First Mile Workshop
    Identify Stakeholders
    Interview Stakeholders
    Observe Process in Action
    Formal Process Mapping
    Best Practice Review
    Critical Goal Analysis
    Design Studio
    Peer Review Workshop
    End of Phase Workshop
  Phase III
    Developing a Business Vision
    Creative Exploration
    Re-engineering Proposals
    End of Phase Workshop
  Phase IV
    Change Management
    Capability Matrix
    Business Case
    Communications Plan
    Change Management Team
    Project Management Methodology
    Empowerment and Involvement
    Results Planning
    Continuous Improvement Phase
  Advanced Topics
  Related Links
    More About BPR
    Guide to Interviewing
    Goal Network Diagram
  How To Guides
    Role Activity Diagrams
    Rich Pictures
    Multi-Channel Analysis and Design
    Metrics Study
    Design Studio
  Dates and Registration
Case Studies
  Committe Based Decision Making
  Salford Customer Services and Benefits
  Salford Housing Services Call Centre
User Group
  About the Usergroup
  Accredited Organisations
    Alexander Consulting
    Aperia Government Services
    C3 Professional Services
    inStream Ltd
    Mouchel Parkman
    Peak Performance
    ROL Solutions Ltd
  Useful Links
    ESD Toolkit
    National Projects Website

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