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  Using this Website

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Using this Website

The SPRINT website is your primary resource for getting the most out of SPRINT, so use it!

This latest version of the website has been re-written to be accessible and understandable. The main areas of the site are linked to & from every page, in the header bar, and within each area you can walk through the pages step-by-step by simply clicking the next and back links.

The SPRINT website is essentially broken into three domains (see Figure 1). First, the 'Background' and 'User Guide' sections provide a first point of contact for those embarking on modernisation and process innovation within their local authority.

Second, the 'Methodology' and 'Toolkit' sections provide the crux of the SPRINT method, following a well-defined path from analysis and design through to implementation. To support implementation, a training course is currently being delivered with SPRINT partners Manchester Business School and Salford City Council. See section 'Training' for more details.

Finally, the 'Case Studies' and 'User Group' sections have built up a repository of knowledge through a thriving community of SPRINT practitioners.

Diagram showing break down www.sprint.gov.uk

Figure 1. Breaking down www.sprint.gov.uk


The Background pages offer an overview to the SPRINT methodology, detailing the ethos and philosophy behind the foundation of SPRINT, and its ongoing adaptation through the community of SPRINT practitioners.

User Guide

This User Guide offers an overview of how SPRINT might be used, incorporating various initiatives from electronic government, local priorities and best value - and gives guidelines for the different roles within the project.


The Methodology is the main area of the site with information on the various tasks and techniques that you will use in your process innovation work. SPRINT is a modular methodology, offering immense flexibility, through initiation, investigation (Phase I), redesign (Phase II), and implementation (Phase III).

A diagrammatic representation of the SPRINT methodology
Figure 2. A diagrammatic representation of the SPRINT methodology


The Toolkit includes various proformas to use in your project. These can be adapted to your organisation's needs.

Case Studies

SPRINT is a practical methodology that has already been used by local authorities. These case studies illustrate how.

User Group

The user-group offers a community portal and knowledge base, allowing people to come together to discuss key challenges and issues in public sector reform.

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