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SPRINT Toolkit: Overview

Throughout a SPRINT project you will need to develop expertise in various techniques, document your findings, and produce reports.

Each step of the Methodology provides you with both an overview of specific tasks and related 'tools' to help you complete them. These include "How to Guides", "best practice models", sample forms, and document templates.

The SPRINT Toolkit brings together all of these various 'tools' on one page so that you can quickly download what you want.

The proformas supplied with SPRINT should be used as examples or modified to fit your own requirements, they are not meant to be prescriptive.

Tool Type Description
Role Activity Diagrams Guide How to draw a RAD. Used to formally map processes - existing processes in Phase I, re-engineering proposals in Phase II.
Multi-Channel Analysis and Design Guide Guide to multi-channel analysis and design, may be used in Phase II to explore re-engineering opportunities
Metrics Study Guide Guide to conducting a metrics study; including a case study from Eccles Housing office. A metrics study may be undertaken as part of Phase I: Observing process in action
Design Studio Guide Guide to invoking a Design Studio at any point during a SPRINT study, or as a standalone task
Ethnography Example An example of an ethnographic study in an Ambulance Control Centre
PID Proforma Project Initiation Document
Interview and Observation Schedule Proforma Used for planning your work schedule for interviewing stakeholder and/or workplace observation
Observation Form Proforma Use for telephone or front desk observation - complete one form for each caller or visitor
Phase I Report Proforma A sample blank Phase I Report - adapt according to your needs
Phase II Report Proforma A sample blank Phase II Report - adapt according to your needs
Project Checklist Proforma A checklist for keeping track of your project


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