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  When to use SPRINT

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When to Use SPRINT

The SPRINT methodology is modular, allowing a different approach to be taken depending on the type of project that is to be undertaken.

The type and size of project can affect the way that you might apply SPRINT, and being aware of this at the start of the project will help considerably in delivering the necessary results.

How different can one SPRINT project be to the next? It could be argued that no two SPRINT projects can ever be the same. This belief continues to be supported as SPRINT diffuses across a wide range of local authorities, from smaller borough councils to large city councils.

Primarily, SPRINT projects can differ on two critical axes. Firstly, SPRINT can be initiated from a variety of local and national priorities. Local authorities and service areas grapple with the challenges set out by central government, from Implementing Electronic government (IEG) to Best Value (BV). Initiatives also arrive from local concerns, perhaps a new corporate strategy detailing transformational change, a poor or failing service, or even an opportunity identified within a service area.

Secondly, the size and complexity of SPRINT projects will vary based on the initiative set out above. A project may consider a complete business area, or simply seek to tackle problems and opportunities in a service area.

By considering the nature and scale of the project you will identify at an early stage how the project should be steered and managed, and what resources might be required.


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