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  About the Usergroup

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The SPRINT User Group is a community, created and maintained by its own membership, for the purpose of mutual help and support in relation to Business Process Engineering using the SPRINT methodology.

In the current climate of innovation and change, the User Group was created as a platform via which members can share experiences - good and bad - through discussion at User Group meetings and the recording of activities using the SPRINT CV and SPRINT Reflective Learning Logs. These are posted on a fully moderated noticeboard, which is part of the User Group website.

The User Group meets quarterly at venues around the country. Having had its inaugural meeting in Salford, it has travelled to Leeds and Lincoln.

The activities of the User Group are supported and directed by the SPRINT Board. This group consists of Joanne Hopkins (Leeds) - Chair, Ewen Locke (Salford), Bevis Sydney (London Borough of Lambeth), Dr Peter Kawalek (Manchester Business School) and Prof Dave Wastell (Nottingham University). The Board meet regularly after each User Group in order to action items that the User Group raised at its meeting.

Membership of the User Group is open to all those with a '.gov.uk' addresses. For more information contact Joanne Hopkins


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