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Abstract (Phase III)

Phase III of a SPRINT project is concerned with Radical Process Redesign.


The aim of Phase III is to devise a set of radical process design proposals. These will underpin new processes aimed at dramatic improvements in your organisation's performance, in relation to its overall strategic objectives, and in accordance with the e-government agenda.


Three "tasks" contribute to realising the above aim:

  • Development of a business vision in terms of key goals
  • Critical reflection on re-engineering opportunities
  • Development of a set of re-engineering proposals(including metrics for measuring business benefits). This information will be required within phase III - business case.


A Phase III report sets out the vision and the re-engineering proposals with supporting outline plans and business cases.

Roles and responsibilities

All team members contribute to the tasks in this phase.

The advice and experience of the specialists on the team (e.g. IT and Human Resources) will be on hand to help develop the re-engineering proposals.


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