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  End of Phase Workshop

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Phase II Workshop (A SPRINT Phase II task)

Task Description

The Phase II workshop is an opportunity to evaluate the findings of the Phase I report, with users, BPR consultants and other interested parties involved. The Phase II report will act as an agenda for the workshop, allowing those attending to go through the report and its findings in detail.

The purpose of the workshop is to finalise Phase II and to begin the work of Phase III. In this sense, the Phase II workshop is really the first task of Phase III.

Whereas the "First Mile Workshop" may have come up with a few tentative proposals or identified areas worth looking at, the work that has taken place in Phase II will have created a detailed body of knowledge about the existing processes, which will allow for the making of the design decisions necessary in Phase III.

Task Implementation

The Phase II report will have been disseminated and read prior to the workshop. The report will act as the basis for the workshop agenda. It is likely that the report's author may want to produce a Powerpoint presentation or similar summarising the findings of the report.

There should be a facilitator and a secretary at the workshop, and the latter should take detailed notes. The workshop should leave space at the end to both summarise what has been noted during the workshop and to identify action points.


Errors and omissions to the Phase II report should be corrected and a final version produced and made available following the workshop. An summary and action plan for Phase III may also be an output of the workshop.

More importantly, the workshop is an opportunity to begin thinking about any recommendations that have been developed during Phase I, and to begin the process of radical process redesign that is continued through Phase II.


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