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Guidelines for IT

Information Technology experts should be represented on a SPRINT project, in both the steering group and the BPR project team. This representation should help keep IT informed of any developments that will impact upon them.

Not all BPR projects will lead to specific IT recommendations, but even when this is the case, the knowledge and expertise of IT specialists will usually have been called upon at some stage of the project.

In Phase I of the project IT specialists may be contacted as part of the investigation of existing processes. In Phase II their role will usually be to advise on some of the possible re-engineering opportunities that are available.

In particular, because BPR projects may alter their scope as time goes on, it is important that any developments in IT (e.g. changes to technical infrastructure, emerging standards, software procurement) take into account emerging proposals from the BPR work.

Where the recommendations from Phase II include an IT component, the involvement of IT is crucial in terms of arranging the handover, setting up appropriate project management and allocating resources. In turn, the IT specialists will need to consult the BPR project team during the implementation phase, and keep them informed of the project's progress.


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