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  Developing a Business Vision

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Developing a Business Vision (A SPRINT Phase III task)

Task Description

The investigative work completed in Phase II may well have extended the scope of the existing terms of reference, going beyond the baseline process, and identifying wider issues for re-engineering. This may well include identifying related areas of work that could benefit from a co-ordinated approach, or processes that are across departmental boundaries. In other words, the initial 'terms of reference' may no longer be adequate.

This task is about developing a business vision in terms of key goals, in light of the investigative work in Phase II.

Having identified those areas of the business that need to be re-engineered in Phase II it is up to the senior users, and the Project Steering group, to prioritise those goals according to their business priorities.

Task Implementation

The steering group and senior users will meet to determine the priorities based on the Phase II report, in particular, the Critical Goal Analysis, and any further recommendations that have come out of the Phase I workshop. Usually, this will highlight those areas of work that are now business priorities and where efforts should be concentrated regarding redesign.

For example, Phase II may have identified five areas for further investigation. The steering group may decide to prioritise those that give an enhanced level of customer service - if that is one of the key areas of their business vision.


The steering group will direct the BPR project team to concentrate on those areas that are now its clear priority.


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