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  BPR Team

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Guidelines for the BPR Team

The BPR project team is appointed at the start of BPR project at the start of the project by the steering group. (Or at least by the senior user and the lead BPR consultant.)

It should consist of the following :-

  1. Senior User
  2. Lead BPR Consultant
  3. Other BPR Consultants
  4. Practice Representative(s) (service users)
  5. Human Resource Expert
  6. IT Expert

The various members of the team will bring different skills to the project but will act as a true team, sharing tasks and responsibilities.

The senior user and lead BPR consultant will usually be the link between this team and the steering group, and will also be instrumental in setting up the team. e.g. By 'seconding' service users to the team.

The BPR consultants will have expertise in BPR work, whilst the practice representatives will know their business area. This sharing of knowledge and experience is essential to a successful BPR project. Whilst the BPR experts can train the users in using SPRINT, the users' experience of the business area will be critical.

e.g. By training users in how to draw up Role Activity Diagrams, they can start questioning the processes common to their day-to-day work.

Other members of the project team, such as IT and HR, may also be given a central role, or be called in as necessary.

The BPR project team will tend to meet informally, but regularly.


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