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  Service Users

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Guidelines for Service Users

Service users have an important part to play in a BPR project. For those who become part of the BPR project team there is an opportunity to reflect on their usual work, but all users who are affected by a project have a contribution to make.

It is important that service users are aware that the BPR work is taking place, and what the aims are; and in particular, that the driver behind the work comes from their own department.

The First Mile Workshop will give users an opportunity to find out about the BPR work at an early stage, and moreover, their contribution to that workshop can often highlight areas of work that ultimately get implemented.

Where service users are being interviewed about particular processes or where the BPR team is observing their work, it is important to let them know about it in advance and to choose a time and a place that doesn't adversely affect their work.

It is also important that service users are kept informed as the project progresses, particular where there are recommendations for re-engineering that will impact upon them.

The more users that are involved in the project, the more effective the BPR work will be. Therefore try and involve as many users as is feasible.


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