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For those of you approaching a SPRINT project for the first time there will be many questions that need answering. What exactly is SPRINT? Is it a methodology for process reengineering, change management or both? What resources do I need to put in place to deliver SPRINT? How do I go about preparing a SPRINT project? Is there anyone I can call upon to support SPRINT activities? And so on.

With these and other questions in mind this user guide has three main purposes:

  • to help in the initial decision to use SPRINT;
  • to offer a framework of understanding for those planning a SPRINT project;
  • and to build an awareness of resources required when delivering a SPRINT project to your organisation.

Put simply. this user guide suggests how to get the best out of SPRINT.

Before embarking on your SPRINT journey the authors recommend reading the following section 'Using this Website' to get a complete oversight of the knowledge and insights contained within, and aid your navigation to public sector innovation.


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