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  Results Planning

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In the section on the Business Case the importance of clearly describing the ways that the change project will be measured was described. Having done this, it should be relatively simple to plan out how (and when) the results should be reached as the project progresses.

A Results Plan is a standard part of a formal project management methodology. It is highlighted it here because it is also supplies content for a full Communications Plan. This means planning the dates at which the results of the project can be measured (e.g. the number of transactions that a one-stop-shop can deal with per hour just after implementation and then one month after implementation) and what the actual measures should be.

The Results Plan can be used to check that the actions in the project action plan are having the desired affects and it can also be used to plan the communication of progress and benefits realised in the Communications Plan.

The consequences of not using results planning will be:

  • no control over results versus actions and therefore 'surprising' results
  • a much weaker Communications Plan


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