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  Re-engineering Proposals

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Developing a set of re-engineering proposals
(A SPRINT Phase III task)

Task Description

The creative exploration will have come up with various opportunities for redesigning the business processes.

These now have to be developed into a set of concrete re-engineering proposals, including supporting business cases, and aligned with the business goals.

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Task Implementation

If our investigative work highlighted those areas of the business where process redesign was appropriate, and our creative exploration led to the identification of radical proposals, this task is concerned with turning those proposals into reality.

As well as showing that the desired solutions are the right solutions, it is important to be as detailed and as exact as possible in developing the proposals. This does not mean doing the detailed systems analysis and design, that will come later. It does mean providing enough detail for the project to be handed over to the appropriate specialists responsible for implementation.

Related Change Management TopicSee change management


The Phase III report should contain concrete proposals for business process re-engineering. This is likely to include the following:

  • A formal model showing the new process designs should be included; using the RAD notation if appropriate.
  • Gathering supporting information and data to be detailed in a business case for change. This is a critical element of Phase IV - Change Management.
  • Metrics are a critical part of the business case. These are crucial in order to assess and ensure that the re-engineered solutions deliver the benefits that justify the BPR investment in organisational change, training and new technology.


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