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  Capability Matrix

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Capability Matrix

The capability matrix consists of nine change management components (1) detailed below. It is to be expected that experienced managers and specialist project managers will naturally, and perhaps informally, use some or all of these components. However, it is worth reviewing them in detail and ensuring that they are applied and exploited in a way that meets the full challenge of the change project. There are always dangers in under specifying the elements of a change management project. The key is to achieve a minimum set of capabilities that will see the essential characteristics of a new organisational design through to its reality. Neglecting some components risks making the change project slower, harder, less timely, more costly, less sustainable, and much more stressful for all stakeholder groups

business case

communications plan


change management team

project management methodology

empowerment and involvement


results planning

continuous improvement phase

(1) Developed primarily from Mento A J, Jones R M and Dirndorfer W (2002) A Change Management Process Grounded In Both Theory And Practice, Journal of Change Management , Vol. 3, No. 1, p45-59. This model was additionally developed from the authors' experience and three earlier models including General Electric's 'seven-step change acceleration process model'.


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