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  Salford Customer Services and Benefits

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Salford Customer Services and Benefits

A nationally prominent case and a model for the 'capacity building' approach. National recognition includes Chartermark Award , awarded Beacon Status for 2005, cited as good practice in CPA Report, cited as good practice in ODPM eGov@Local Report.

In 2000, Salford City Councils Benefits service was assessed at 0 star. Under the new leadership of Maura Brooks, a decision was taken to deploy a BPR-based capacity-building approach. Several members of the Benefits team volunteered to train in the SPRINT methodology and to deploy this in their service. They worked with members of Salford's BPR team headed by Mike Willetts and Ewen Locke. Together they analysed processes and goals, and used SPRINT to help look for improvements. University academics, Peter Kawalek and David Wastell, were involved in the project, reviewing how SPRINT was used and contributing at a strategic level alongside the BPR team and Customer Services. Improvements were put in place and at the next assessment, the service leapt in one bound to 4star (the highest). At the latest assessment (2003), it has retained this rating scoring 93% (rated as "perfect"). This achievement has come without consultancy support and without any substantial new technology.


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