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access channels How the citizen accesses government services (e.g. by internet, by telephone, face-to-face
alignment by design Where re-engineering of processes is constantly aligned against business goals
baseline process The initial process that has been identified in the terms of reference of a SPRINT project
benchmarking A way of comparing similar processes in different organisations
best practice review Also known as benchmarking. Identifying best practice within your own and other organisations
Best Value The duty of continuous improvement for local authorities as set by the Local Government Act 1999.
BPR Business Process Re-engineering was coined by Mike Hammer. The aim is to maximise the efficiency and effectiveness of the business by by exploiting the potential of IT to enable radically new organisational structures and processes.
BVPI 157 Best Value Performance Indicator relating to the deliver of e-government. All interactions between the Best Value authority and the citizen should be e-enabled, where possible, by 2005.
critical incident A specific incident observed during a workplace observation
CRM Customer Relationship Management. The way that your organisation organises its relationships with its customers.
cross-cutting Refers to a process or issue that cuts across divisional or departmental boundaries within an organisation
E-government Electronic Government. Use of modern technologies to deliver government services
ESD Electronic Service Delivery. Delivery of services using electronic means
ethnography The study of a particular organisation or group in action (in this case, in the workplace)
heuristic A principle or method for discovering new knowledge
IEG Statements Implementing Electronic Government statements. Setting out a council's e-government plans
Information Society Refers to a society where the creation, distribution and manipulation of information is the main activity. Can be used in relation to an organisation bringing together people, ideas and issues involving information
intranet An internal network of webpages only accessible within the organisation
metrics Refers to the specific measures used in studying a particular process or organisation
Pathfinder 25 Local Government Online Pathfinder projects were funded by Central government with the aim of exploring and implementing electronic government
PRINCE Projects in Controlled Environments, is a project management method covering the organisation, management and control of projects
process mapping Use of notation to describe a particular process
rich picture An informal notation used in process mapping
role activity diagram (RAD) A flow-chart like notation that visually describes roles and processes
SPRINT A BPR Methodology. Salford Process Re-engineering Method involving New Technologies
stakeholder A person, group or organisation with a 'stake' in a particular process
Steering Group A group set up to 'steer' a SPRINT project
terms of reference Refers to the initial scope of a SPRINT project


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