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  Teams and Representatives

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Teams And Representatives

As with any project, of any size, we need to consider the resource implications across the organisation. Such considerations will form a critical element for your business case when preparing the adoption of SPRINT within your local authority.

The key question this section seeks to answer is: Who and how many people need to be involved when implementing a SPRINT project?

SPRINT transcends all levels of the organisation: strategic, tactical and operational. Typically, an organisation will prepare a Steering group at the highest level to offer direction and sponsorship.

To deliver SPRINT projects across the authority a BPR Team should be installed to commit their skills, times and resources to the work required.

Given the inclusive nature of SPRINT it is also expected that representatives from service areas, HR and IT will be required at various stages in a SPRINT implementation.

Such a makeup is recommended but it is also understood that the scale of the SPRINT project plays a large part in the amount of human resources drafted, for example a smaller SPRINT project may apply personnel in numerous roles across all levels of the organisation.

The next sections offer more detail on the types of teams introduced and likely representatives.


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