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  Goal Network Diagram

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Goal Network Diagram

A goal network diagram is a way of analysing the various goals that are relevant to a project.

A goal network diagram should be completed as part of the Critical Goal Analysis if we feel there is a need to illustrate the interation between Strategic and Operational goals; where there is synergy or conflict between these goals; or where we want a visual tool to identify the relevant goals before we summarise our findings in tabular form.

Each 'goal' is drawn as a separate object and we then 'network' the goals using a series of lines and arrows which illustrate the interaction between the goals.

These interactions can be very different and our notation should reflect this :-

Dependent Relationship where goal A is dependent on goal B (e.g. provision of the services that a citizen require s is dependent on consulting the citizen about services )

Contributory Relationship where goal A contributes to achieving Goal B (e.g. consulting the citizen about services will contribute to providing the services that a citizen requires - these 2 goals are therefore contributory and dependent to each other)

Mutual Influence where goal A and goal B are mutually influential (e.g. b y consulting the citizen about services we are also involving the citizen in the decision-making process)

Negative Influence where goal A is compromised by goal B (e.g. by saving money on costs we may be having a negative effect on providing wider access to services)

Goal network diagram

This allows us to see the relationships between different goals, and also, can be of use in Phase II where we begin to prioritise according to the relative importance of particular goals.

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