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The course is delivered by experienced staff from Manchester Business School and from Salford City Council. The list of trainers we draw upon is Barrie McKinnon and Maria Roberts (Salford), Dr. Peter Kawalek and Martin Cahill (MBS). On most courses we also provide additional, practical BPR experience by having a member of the Salford BPR team in attendance.

Day 1

On day 1, we cover a little of the history and background to BPR as useful context, then move on to the SPRINT method itself, where we cover its overall structure, main stages and outputs. We provide some useful and current case studies to help in the learning process.

Day 2

Day 2 covers some practical exercises to use the features of SPRINT , including how to map existing service processes as a preamble to identifying improvement opportunities and then what we call the Design Studio where we look at applying the method to specific service scenarios (tailored to your own work agenda and priorities) with the aim of producing imaginative service improvement ideas in a team setting.

The course has been developed with BPR practioner perspective, just plain, practical, helpful advice on how to get to grips with the change agenda we all face, in simple straightforward terms.

SPRINT is currently being used by quite a number of Local Authorities and now has a national user group that shares ideas and issues.

If you would like to register for any of the training dates please fill in the registration form and we will contact you shortly with a confirmation email.


The cost of the two-day, open course is variable according to the application of possible discounts but will cost between 400 - 600 per delegate. The training sessions are designed for up to fourteen delegates maximum with a minimum six delegates needed for the training course to take place. There is a discount of "twelve for the price of ten" which means you can have two delegates attending the course for free if there are twelve delegates from the same organisation. In addition, A User Group discount applies to those organisations that already have SPRINT Associates on their staff.

We also provide discounts if you decide to host the training on your premises and cover the cost of venue and meals / refreshments. Please contact us to get more information.


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