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  First Mile Workshop

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First Mile Workshop (A SPRINT Phase II task)

Task Description

The First Mile Workshop is an optional task held near the start of a SPRINT project. Its purpose is to foster co-operation, at an early stage, between the BPR Project Team and the service users. It was developed as a way of engaging with users who may not be aware of how BPR can help them.

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Whether to hold a First Mile Workshop, and its timing within a SPRINT project should be at the discretion of the lead BPR consultant for each project.

Task Implementation

The BPR team should facilitate this workshop, which should involve the senior user, and any practitioners who will be involved in the project. It is a forum for them to talk to each other, and should be open-ended and flexible.

The enthusiasm of the project sponsor (the senior user) should encourage the co-operation of practitioners and instil enthusiasm and a sense of ownership for the project.

Related Change Management Topic See sponsor

Equally important is the interaction between the practitioners, in an environment away from their day to day jobs. In some cases practitioners whose work is closely linked rarely if ever meet, and even those who work together often don't have the opportunity, time or inclination to discuss anything but immediate operational issues.

A possible additional benefit is that radical ideas may emerge from this workshop, at an early stage of the project. Another is that associations between sections may be created or improved, which will have a positive impact not only on the BPR project, but on the long term functioning of the sections.


Because this is an informal meeting, there are no specific outcomes. However, it may be useful for the BPR consultant to produce a summary of the meeting.

The First Mile Workshop will help the BPR team to identify stakeholders in the project.

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